Delivering Value 1
As we near the 7th anniversary of Touch of Class Trailers, people often ask me, “David, what is the future vision or plan for your trailer business, as you are quite unique and different from most dealerships?” I quickly respond, “Delivering Value with Integrity and Honesty to each and every customer.”   I want to continue to have happy, excited customers across the US and Canada who understand why we sell great, superior products. That’s what gets me up each morning and why I get excited every time I receive pictures from happy customers like Ken & Jane N. of Indiana and Scott D. of Texas.
TOCT is in the process of revising our website with fantastic new pictures and updated information to be more mobile app friendly and easier to access.  Our goal is to transfer and share the enthusiasm we have for the outstanding MTI Brand and motivate all who are looking to purchase a new trailer, like this new 35′ triple 6000# axle Silver/Black beauty from John S. of Illinois who says “My trailer was so much more than I thought I was buying, towed so true and smooth. Best looking trailer I, my two sons and all my employees have ever seen.”
Those of you who are business owners and managers, ask yourselves this:  What is the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer?  In today’s fast pace world, a satisfied customer has easy access to multiple online reviews, information, specs, videos and testimonials on their mobile device or computer. They can easily be satisfied somewhere else.  Gaining a loyal customer does not happen overnight. It takes hard work, patience and being a good listener. Customer loyalty rises when you as a salesperson are excited in explaining timely product knowledge properly.  If you can transition a satisfied customer into a loyal customer by helping them make the right choices and provide the best value for their investment, they will often come back to you time and time again.
That’s the reason TOCT has a Preferred Customer program of discounts for all repeat customers, veterans and military personnel. It’s been in place for some time but we wanted to highlight and mention to all. Contact us for details. Here’s army Vet Joe M. of TN standing by his customized 29′ Yellow/Black Combo.
Special Announcements:
  1. Because of the tremendous response of new customers purchasing a customized Mid-Deck Combination Trailer (See Mid-Deck Video Here), TOCT will try to have in-stock between 1-3,  Mid-deck Trailers.
    First ones – a 27′ Red/Black and 27′ Silver/Black will be available September 20. Contact us for standard specs
  2. I will be attending the 2017 NATDA Trade Show and Educational seminars in early September.  Looking forward to being part of a special Dealership Performance Training group with Bob Clements, President of Bob Clements International who I worked together with as VP of Business Development for over 5 years during the late 90’s. If you or your people are looking for a great keynote speaker or training needs, please contact him.
  3. The Trailer Industry is so strong in 2017 that it is causing continued shortages of supplies and labor.  Please consider when ordering and in the completion of your new trailer.
Remember…Value….It’s the driving force in creating lifelong, loyal customers.   TOCT is committed to delivering value with integrity and honesty, exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. Contact us today for that dream trailer you have always wanted to own. Thank you.
Dave and Sharon Borg
David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers