Fall colors, baseball playoffs and World Series, harvest time and getting ready for winter at the cabin.
Great time of year to be outside on a ATV or motorcycle – and the snowmobiles will soon be traveling along the trails, roads and mountain slopes. The fall trailer order rush is soon upon us so if you wish to secure your trailer in a normal production time-frame, please call us soon

One of the current trends I see lately is more and more customers are selecting a mid-deck Combination Trailer for their needs. Briefly, a mid-deck Combination trailer is the same style and standard specs of a Standard Combination Trailer except we angle the axles 32 degrees which raises the trailer up from the ground 6″ and then we angle the and round off the corners of the wheel wells so that the distance from the floor to the top of the wheel wells is a little over 4″. Great for rough roads or high snow areas because of the increased clearance under the trailer.
Enjoy the training video describing the mid-deck Combo:

I recently attended the NATDA (North American Trailer Dealers Association) annual trade show and educational seminars in Nashville, Tn. Always enjoy this growing show as I look for new and different ideas and options available for the Touch of Class Trailers. One exciting new announcement for the trailer industry regarding axle warranties – and see what new options are available in this brief summary video

Touch of Class has planned well ahead of the fall trailer order rush, so if you are looking for exceptional value, style, long-lasting durability and safety that fits your needs and budget, please contact us today.







David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers