July Greetings

July 20, 2015

Ah don’t you just love these lazy, hazy, warm days of summer – Camping weekends, fishing trips, family vacations, Friday night car shows and so much more. There’s a rumble building on the horizon in anticipation of perhaps the largest gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts of all time at the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – AUGUST 3-9.  Many of our TOCT customers are finalizing plans to attend. Wouldn’t you just love traveling with friends and hauling your bikes inside a new Combination trailer to the Black Hills area this year?

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.43.51 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.45.17 AM
By utilizing removable motorcycle chocks, extra D-rings and/or e-track, the quality, versatility, safety and style of the Combination Trailer is a great way to save wear and tear on you and your bikes traveling towards western South Dakota for this special anniversary rally.
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.46.33 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.47.55 AM
The 29′ White Combination trailer pulled great!  The guys at the factory really stepped up with some last minute details so we could go south for our vacation. I am very happy so far with this trailer.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks David!!
~Greg M. – IA

We are constantly trying to improve and update the TOCT website to make it  more informative and user friendly.

1.    Check out the (3) new training videos posted on the TOCT Website
Interior features, Wheel well dimensions and specs, and Standard front hitch and mid-deck adjustable front hitch. Some great background music. We will be updating the trailer options gallery in the coming weeks.
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.51.31 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.50.22 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.50.32 AM

2.    TOCT announces it will be marketing a new rear mounted wireless camera that can be mounted above the rear ramp door with an application directly to your cell phone so that you easily view what is behind your trailer when needed.  This is more economical than hard wire connection to an older model mounted camera.  The wireless camera will be a $300 options investment and will be installed at the MTI factory during the production phase.

3.    With so many of our TOCT customers asking for 6″ of extra height in their customized trailer because of higher cab height of their ATV’S, golf carts, etc, we will be building a few standard Combination Trailers in the most popular colors with 6″extra height in the coming weeks.  First ones scheduled for completion around middle of August will be a 29′ Red/Black, 29′ Silver/Black and a solid White 29′ model.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.52.39 AM
If you’re looking for exceptional value, style, long-lasting durability and safety in your next trailer, contact us today.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.52.53 AM









David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

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Spring Greetings 2015

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner.  Farmers and gardeners are busy preparing their ground to plant.  Classic and muscle car enthusiasts are soon loading trailers for their favorite show rallies.  Turkey hunters and trail riders have been busy outdoors on their ATV’s, and motorcycle groups are always planning their next getaway.  It’s an exciting time of year and Touch of Class Trailers desires to keep you informed and updated with important pricing announcements and items of interest and value below.

“After inspecting and picking up my trailer in Indiana I was very pleased with the overall quality. I’ve had the opportunity to haul two vehicles in the trailer and am very impressed with the way it tows down the road empty or loaded.  I’m happy with my purchase and very pleased with the trailer.” Mike S, MN

At the end of January, 2015, TOCT announced that MTI will be having a price increase, but we did not know exactly how much or when the increase was to take effect. At the end of March, TOCT again announced that effective first part of April, expect a price increase of about 5% overall, but final details and MTI computer updates were not yet in place. TOCT honored existing pricing on all in stock inventory and new custom orders until last Friday, April 17th when we received official word of the increase on new custom build orders effective immediately.

Most if not all trailer manufacturers experienced price increases in 2014 and again in 2015. MTI Brand Trailers was proud to announce that they had maintained and kept their prices flat since 2013.  TOCT is proud to remind our customers that even though MTI last increased their prices in 2013, TOCT has held prices steady since 2011.

TOCT is happy to announce that when all is said and done, the base price increase for Steel and Aluminum Frame Combination Trailers will only be from 2 – 2.5% depending upon size. Aluminum prices in general and increased company overhead from healthcare compliance costs contributed to the increase in doing business. Other trailer models from MTI were affected more than 2.5% so TOCT is excited to announce a smaller increase than expected in the Combination models.  One exciting factor contributing to the smaller percentage increase from the original 5% is that on all new custom built Combination trailers, the exterior all LED lighting option upgrade will now become a standard feature.  TOCT AND MTI will continue to provide performance, craftsmanship, safety, service, integrity and value that TOCT customers have come to expect.

***For all existing Combination Trailers in Stock (there are a few remaining), TOCT will hold prices the same until June 15th whereby we will increase as described above.  Please check the TOCT inventory page or call us today for existing inventory still available. Don’t wait too long as they will be going fast.

Screenshot 2015-04-29 11.27.01

•    TOCT is announcing new Series 14 Black Aluminum wheel now available which replaces the former Black Lynx star wheels which went up significantly in price, so MTI made decision to go with these new wheels.  All aluminum wheels will go up in price by $20 per set of 4 or $5 per wheel.

Screenshot 2015-04-29 11.27.09

•    An extra 6″ height for all Trailer models have gone up $50. Axle Upgrades, Cabinets, Winch and awnings were a few options that experienced a slight increase.  110V electric packages #1 and #2 remain the same price.  Overall, the price increase is not as much as originally thought.
•    April, May and June are extremely busy trailer production months at the MTI factory in Indiana, so please be patient for custom trailers that have multiple options.
TOCT is an active member of the BetterBusiness Bureau.

BBB helps protect people by making sure each business who belongs upholds
the high standards of business ethics and honesty.  Recently TOCT received notification that for more than two years, local BBB staffers have offered active service members, veterans and their families support via educational workshops and programs, distributing information regarding scams, including employment scams targeting military families, and offers resources to struggling veterans at numerous events around the country.  TOCT salutes the BBB for a job well done in helping military families be smart consumers in today’s fast paced economy.

We received this Testimonial recently from Eric R. – active military, moving to Alaska on deployment: “Wanted to thank and let you know that everything turned out perfectly with our 29′ Combination trailer. We are very happy and cannot wait to get underway with our move. Thanks for all of your hard work and thank you for honoring us with your military discount. Take care, David. If we ever need another trailer…you’re our guy. We will recommend your company to anyone that asks. Thanks again.”
Eric – Thanks for your kind words.  I am honored by the sacrifice both you and your wife provide all of us each day with your military service. You and so many others like yourselves are truly “American Heroes.”

If you’re looking for exceptional value, style, long-lasting durability and safety in your next trailer, contact us today. Thank you
Thank you,

David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

Screenshot 2015-04-29 11.27.41








Screenshot 2015-04-29 11.27.50

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Spring Greetings


March 25, 2015

Spring Greetings from Touch of Class Trailers. Time to enjoy active outdoor ATV and motorcycle fun, and anticipating upcoming car shows and rallies.

We have an important announcement for all.

We received word from MTI factory upper management that effective April 1st, there will be a trailer price increase.  This is no April Fool’s joke.  Don’t have all the details yet but sounds like about a 5% increase in trailer prices. There will also be some specific option price increases as well. More details next week, but wanted to keep you informed.

TOCT and MTI will honor any in stock or custom order at current prices that is in their system before April 1st.

We would suggest if you have considered and researched a Combination Trailer from Touch of Class, please contact us in next few days and securing current prices by placing a trailer deposit to save money.
“What is the most popular size that TOCT customers order?”
I first reported the answers to these questions about two years ago as stated in the FAQ section – TOCT Website.
Updated Statistics show that 70% of all trailers TOCT has sold since 2010 are the 29′ (#1) and 27′ (#2) Combination models.
“What is the most popular color or two-tone colors that TOCT customers order?”
The most popular color ordered is the two-tone Silver/Black. Second is Red/Black.
Most popular solid color ordered is White with Black a close second.
TOCT will continue to provide top quality trailers with integrity and honesty at wholesale prices, exceeding your expectations.  If you’re looking for exceptional value, style, long-lasting durability and safety in your next trailer, please contact us today.

Thank you,

David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

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Call to Action


January 31, 2015

I wanted to quickly touch base with you for some important announcements.  Touch of Class Trailers believes strongly in delivering “Value with Integrity and Honesty” to all of our customers and those who contact us.  It is what we live by and is a main theme throughout our website.  We are thankful as we continue to grow, and look forward to the challenges in the months ahead.
Even today we had a question from a customer who asked, “How does MTI address the issue of a steel frame coming in contact with a .030 standard aluminum side exterior wall in preventing electrolysis?” Answer:  MTI provides a vapor barrier- a thin layer which is placed between the outside aluminum skin and the steel frame from the floor up 30″ on the side walls.  This is standard on all MTI trailers. Not many manufacturers do this, but most electrolysis occurs only in that first 30″ above the floor level and MTI solves that issue by placing that material between the steel frame and aluminum wall before bonding (screwless sides) or upon being screwed together to the steel frame.
Even though Touch of Class Trailers offers a wide range of enclosed trailer models such as 7 wide utility, gooseneck, fifth wheel and car haulers, the majority of our sales focus has been, and will continue to be on the versatile Combination Trailers.
Since we began our business 4-1/2 years ago, Touch of Class Trailers has held our base trailer prices steady, even though our manufacturer and Brand, MTI has had two  price increases during that same time.  In the December Christmas blog, we mentioned a possibility of an MTI price increase during 2015. Touch of Class was aggressive the past weeks ordering a number of Combination Trailers which are either in stock at present time or are scheduled to be welded in the next few days.

******For all inventory trailers in stock until Feb. 15,, 2015, Touch of Class Trailers will be at the same price as has been the past few years.  For all new custom built trailers ordered after Feb. 15th, 2015, there will be a 5% price increase on all Combination Trailer models as well as other enclosed trailer models, as MTI has notified us of a price increase in February..

Here is a list of Combination Trailers in stock or to be welded in the next few days:
25′ Combination Models
(1)  Silver/Black, (1) Red/Black

27′ Combination Models
(3) Red/Black, (2) Silver/Black, (1) White/Black, (1) Brandy Wine/Black, (2) Black, (2) White, (1) all-aluminum frame Silver/Black

29′ Combination Models
(2)  Silver/Black, (2) Red/Black, (2) Black, (3) White, (2) White/Black,


Don’t miss out on these great wholesale prices.  If you have been waiting for the right time or looking for exceptional value, style and durability in a Combination Trailer, please contact us today to order or secure your dream trailer. Thank you.

Lavern Parker – MTI Sales, Sharon and David Borg – TOCT, Brian Johnson – President, MTI Trailers

Touch of Class Trailers
Touch of Class Trailer Sales | 460 Cokato St. W, Suite A | Box 1024 | Cokato | MN | 55321

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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

December 17, 2014


Rest easy, sleep well my brothers.

Others have taken up where you fell.

Know the line has held, your job is done.

Rest easy, sleep well.

Peace, peace, and farewell…

We want to wish you and your family  Merry Christmas, and hope that 2015 brings joy, peace and happiness to those near you!!

It has been a great 2014 at TOCT due to the tremendous response from you, our customers, and from the exceptional value MTI delivers to the marketplace.
I want to say a big thank you to each who has contacted and worked with us by phone or email, and especially those who have recommended TOCT to your friends and neighbors during this year. To those still deciding or waiting for the best time, please read the important sales announcement at the bottom the page. We are humbled and grateful for the relationships developed and for the kind words we continue to receive each month.
“Thanks for all your helpful advice during the process of custom building my trailer. The finished product was as good as I could have asked for. I would recommend Touch of Class Trailers and MTI products as both did a outstanding job and made my purchase a very good experience. Thanks David.”
Bill S. – IN
“Thanks again for the prompt service and direction provided by Touch of Class Trailers.  MTI makes an awesome trailer and it really pulls nicely down the road.”
Kent K. – WI
“Just wanted to say thanks for working with me on my new 29′ Silver/Black Combination Trailer. I love it. I did a lot of homework before I found you and it has been a pleasure working with Touch of Class.  I recommend Touch of Class to everyone. Thanks again.”
David and Sue B – PA
“My wife and I were very impressed and pleased with the team effort we experienced . Each individual involved – from Mr. Borg to the design and production group at MTI was courteous, professional, and extremely helpful.  We heartily recommend Touch of Class and MTI to everyone.”
Tom and Jo S – IA
Jen and Shane Hall of Iowa purchased their TOCT 29′ Silver/Black Combination trailer a little over a year ago – and have turned it into a creative flow-thru retail masterpiece –
“We added some creative exterior graphics, air conditioning, lighting, and completely gutted and redesigned the interior including shelving and a checkout counter in the V-Nose area. We have been on the road in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri since May, marketing our business at fairs, rodeos and a few shows.  My favorite is the two drop-down ramp doors, as it is great to have two entry and exits.  It is a lot of hard work, but rewarding when you put your heart and soul into it. I feel truly blessed and it’s pretty cool being able to do what you love.  Thank you David for such an awesome trailer. Everyone just loves it. Merry Christmas.”
Jen Hall    

1. Please click on the website links for current inventory and the TOCT training videos of Combination trailers.  TOCT Combination Trailers have been selling very fast lately and the MTI factory closes for (2) weeks beginning December 19 for their annual Christmas-New Year Holiday Break. So don’t miss out on any year-end tax saving situations or for that special snowmobile trip coming up.
2. MTI has not had any trailer base price increase in almost two years. In the past, this price increase has normally been announced effective February 1st.
I expect some type of base price increase soon. There have been recent MTI option price increases which TOCT has absorbed for our customers for a limited timeframe. TOCT has ordered a number of Combination Trailers for production in January with the current price system. Please keep this in mind the next few weeks and if the timing is right for you, please take action and contact us soon.
Sharon and I again want to wish you a Blessed Christmas season with your family and friends.

Dave and Sharon Borg



David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

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Fall Harvest is Upon Us – Winter ATV & Snowmobile Season Around the Corner

Fall Harvest is Upon Us
Winter ATV & Snowmobile Season Around the Corner
September 18, 2014



As the combines, Grain Carts and Semis roll thru the countryside fields this harvest season,  and the fall colors begin to deepen, we know that winter ATV and snowmobile season is not far behind.

   TOCT has had an excellent and busy summer, as we have added two new training website videos, upgraded additional pictures on the gallery,  and continue to meet new people every day.  We wanted to provide a more visual hands-on, educational training video approach regarding the Standard Combination Trailer.  And you’ve guessed it, we like upbeat, lively music showing off these beauties.

Last week, I attended the NATDA (North America Trailer Dealers    Association) annual Trade Showand Convention in St. Louis, learning more  about new trailer products and participating in some excellent educational  seminars.


Three things I wanted to briefly share with you that impressed me:

1. The importance of regular trailer maintenance and care.  Simple, common sense items you can do yourself or if you’re not comfortable doing so,  bringing your trailer to a good trailer service shop to check brakes, axles, electrical items or simply check the torque pound tightness of your wheel lug nuts.   TOCT has access to some simple trailer troubleshooting charts, so if interested, please contact us by email or phone, or check your trailer warranty paperwork enclosed in the large envelope provided.  Which brings up an important point – What is the torque pounds one should tighten the wheels on a standard 5200# axle Combination Trailer?  Answer – For steel wheels, the torque to tighten is 90 foot pounds.  For Aluminum Wheels, either Mods or Black Lynx Star, the torque is 120 foot pounds.  **Note – Per MTI warranty policy – it is the responsibility of the customer to check their wheel lugs as stated on the warning sticker on the trailer.  I can’t stress this enough, especially within the first 100-250 miles you drive your trailer, and at regular intervals thereafter while traveling on the road.  Especially aluminum wheels, which can loosen without you knowing it and you don’t want a dangerous situation to happen – so check often.

2. The trailer industry since early spring has experienced overall manufacturing growth during 2014, causing longer production completion times than normal.  Numerous manufacturing facilities and dealers have experienced this during the last half of the 2014 and now 2015 model production season.  What normally would take from 4-6 weeks production time has often become longer, especially if there are numerous customized options within. Thanks for your patience this Spring and Summer.  Advice – if planning a customized or custom-built trailer, and you wish to have it done before the snow flies, please do your research and contact TOCT today as the fall production season before Christmas historically is a busy one. 

3. Probably the most impressive new Trailer Option item I viewed at the 2014 NATDA Trade show was a motorcycle bar hitch attachment named “Biker Bar” – made by B & W Trailer Hitches that was simply fantastic in both quality and simplicity, eliminating any tie-down straps to secure your motorcycle within your trailer.  Customer testimonials have been excellent and instead of showing you a picture at this time, I would highly recommend those who have a motorcycle or a friend who has, to check out these two videos on the B & W Trailer Hitches website:

I asked top MTI management personnel to consider making this option available to our TOCT customers. Stay tuned in the future for this.


For current Combination Trailes inventory available or coming soon, click this link to our website Inventory page.

TOCT has been busy this summer working with MTI schematic design and management personnel to continue bringing our customers the best possible quality trailers built for Strength, Style, Durability and Safety.  TOCT has some of the best looking Combination Trailers in the marketplace and we are finalizing some improved Standard design items that will bring you even more value in the coming months.

Touch of Class Trailers (TOCT) continues to gain momentum and grow each month, fulfilling dreams that exceed your expectations.   But even more important to me as President of TOCT is the joy and excitement on the faces of Keith and Kerry McIntire’s children, Dylan and Kaylynn when their trailer arrived, knowing that the coming weekend was having fun up north on their ATV’s with mom and dad.
If you have considered upgrading your current trailer or wish to experience the joy and fun these kids had in the outdoors for your family, please contact us today by email or phone.  Thank you and God Bless.














David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

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Let Us Never Forget

May 20, 2014


Hello David, 


As we near another Memorial Day holiday weekend making plans to attend a big race, parade, car show, motorcycle rally, at your favorite lake fishing, ATV trails, or simply relax with a backyard barbeque picnic, let us never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice preserving and protecting our Freedom.

I want to thank all military personnel families for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice to endure and make it through each day. You are asked to risk your lives for the rest of us, often performing the toughest tasks that exist on this planet.So I ask all of you this weekend to say a prayer of thanks and safety for the brave men and women who faithfully serve in uniform, for you are “America’s true Heroes.”


Touch of Class Trailers (TOCT) continues to have a great start to 2014 bringing value and excellent looking trailers that exceed your expectations. Just look at some of these beauties:

TOCT is dedicated to providing the best information and pictures possible on our website.  We have been working hard updating these features such as adding a new tab on the Home Page for Inventory of Combination Trailers. Still working out the bugs yet hopeful it will be very useful for customers looking for a new trailer quick, or at times even good used Combination trailer.


Current Combination Trailer Inventory as of May 19, 2014:

29′ Models (24′ Box + 5′ V-Nose)

(1)  White  (1) Black  (2) White/Black

(1) Red/Black in production, available May 26

(1) Brandy Wine/Black in production, available May 30

(1) Silver/Black in production, available June 6


27′ Models (22′ Box + 5′ V-Nose)

(1)  White  (1) Red/Black in production, available June 5

(1)  Silver/Black in production, available June 5

In the near future, look for some helpful trailer maintenance schedule tips added within the FAQ website Tab.  Example,  Q –  “How often should I check the brakes on my trailer? (A – At every use so they are operational and work)    Q – “How often should I check my tire inflation? (A – Weekly)

We’ve had a number of people ask – “What type of standard or unique cabinet system is possible within the V-Nose Combination or Gooseneck Trailer?  The following are three examples of custom built cabinets available from MTI and TOCT:

Many of you have requested information, asked questions and/or received trailer quotes from us the past months, but the timing, budget or other family priorities may have delayed moving forward.  As you continue your research to customize the features for your needs and performance, keep Touch of Class Trailers at the top of your list when the timing is right.  One thing I have learned thru experience, if at all possible, would be to recommend having your customized or stock trailer completed and delivered before the cold, salty roads and sloppy weather conditions arrive.

Please give us a call or email today so we can best serve you.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and summer, and if the occasion arises, please say a special thank you to a veteran or current soldier and their family, as they truly are “America’s Heroes.”












David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

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March 31, 2014

Oh my, what a winter we have endured!!  Spring just can’t come fast enough for those who are tired of shoveling or blowing snow.  We all look forward to Spring Car shows, Steaks and Chops on “the barbie,” ATV rides in the woods, motorcycle rallies, baseball and fishing weekends.

Touch of Class Trailers is excited and gearing up for spring as this is one of the busiest times of the year.  We’ve had a great start to 2014 bringing more value, customer service and great looking MTI steel and aluminum frame combination trailers at wholesale prices that exceed your expectations.


The following are just a few of the most common questions we receive daily in your email or phone inquiries: 

What are the most popular solid or Two-tone colors of Combination Trailers sold by TOCT?
The most popular Two-Tone Colors are Red/Black (#1 overall) and Silver/Black (#2 overall). The two most popular Solid Colors are Black and White.   Click on “Variety of Available Colors” to view these colors.

What is the most popular size of Combination Trailers sold by TOCT?
Both the 27′ Model (22′ Box + 5′ V-Nose) and the 29′ Model (24′ Box + 5′ V-Nose) Combination trailers are almost equal as being the #1 seller after more than 3.5 years of sales statistics.

What size truck is best suited to haul a Combination Trailer?
Steel Frame Combination trailers from 27-35′ Models should be pulled by ¾ Ton or 1 Ton Trucks. Combination Trailers from 19-25′ and aluminum frame 27′ Models can be pulled by ½ Ton trucks providing they have a good towing package

Combination Trailers in stock as of 03-31-14:

29′ Models (24′ Box + 5′ V-Nose)
(1) Red/Black
(1) Silver/Black
(1) White/Black
(1) Brandy Wine/Black
(1) Black
(1) White (in production, soon available)

27′ Models (22′ Box + 5′ V-Nose)
(1) Red/Black
(1) Silver/Black
(1) White
(1) Brandy Wine/Black (in production, soon available)
25′ Models (25′ Box + 5′ V-Nose)
(1)Red/Black  (in production, soon available)


For those of you who have previously or recently contacted us and/or have waited until spring to purchase your “dream Trailer” contact us by phone at 763-567-3946 or email us today    We look forward to serving you. Thank you.

David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

Dave and Sharon Borg











Touch of Class October 20, 2013
Touch of Class YouTube Channel


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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

December 27, 2013

Rest easy, sleep well my brothers.

Others have taken up where you fell.

Know the line has held, your job is done.

Rest easy, sleep well.

Peace, peace, and farewell…

I hope each of you enjoyed a Blessed and Merry Christmas with family and friends!

Those of you wishing to take advantage of any last minute Tax deduction situations for 2013, or go on that special snowmobile trip, the following is inventory of trailers in stock as of 12-27-13:

25′ Models – (1) Red/Black Two-tone colors
27′ Models – (1) White, (1) Red/Black, (1) Silver/Black
29′ Models – (1) Red/Black, (1) Black

Also, TOCT will have a used 29′ (24′ Box + 5′ V-Nose) Red/Black Combination trailer available in the next 2 weeks. The trailer was used as a loaner trailer by a customer while his trailer was being completed in production at MTI.

The trailer has Black Lynx Star aluminum wheels on it and a spare steel wheel & radial tire loose in trailer.  This trailer would normally sell for $9,065 and I am asking $8200 for it plus shipping from Middlebury, Indiana.

We look forward to serving and delivering more Value to our customers in the coming weeks and months of 2014.  Enjoy the new YouTube Video below and Happy New Year!!

Touch of Class December 2013
                                                  Touch of Class December 2013







David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

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November 2013 Blog


Touch of Class Logo Delivering More Value
It is a joy to work with so many veterans and current members of our US military.  Recently, Touch of Class trailers designed a special Combination Trailer for Josh V. currently from California that has a unique flat black color and currently featured on the Touch of Class YouTube Channel.
Touch of Class October 20, 2013

Josh was raised in Minnesota and joined the NAVY in 2002. Josh worked on the electronics of EA-6B Prowler aircraft for a few years until eligible to volunteer and screen for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).  Josh has attended numerous Navy training schools including diving, EOD school, basic jump school before becoming an EOD technician. Since then he has attended additional training schools including Navy Freefall parachute jump. Josh has been deployed all around the world including Iraq, Afghanistan and Japan. Hobbies include skydiving, snowmobiling and scuba diving.
 Josh and his wife Devon are pictured here picking pumpkins.
We all want to thank you Josh for your service to our country. We honor and salute you and Devon for sacrificing so much so that we may enjoy the freedoms we do today.
“Thanks again David for how you worked with me in making sure everything was correct on this special trailer.” Josh V – CA
Historically, these next few months are very busy months for Touch of Class Trailers as we enter into the busy late fall and winter Trailer outdoor snowmobiling and ATV season.  Don’t miss out on some great buys in stock at Touch of Class or plan to custom build your dream trailer.  Many of you have contacted us in the past, but the timing may not have worked for you then to purchase. I don’t know what MTI’s plans are for a price increase, but often it comes after the new year begins. So please consider a custom order or stock trailer from Touch of Class Trailers in your budget plans in the coming months.
Here is a list of current inventory in stock as of 11-10-13:
25′ Combination Trailers   
27′ Combination Trailers
(1)White,  (1) Black,  (1) Red/Black, (1) Silver/Black
29′ Combination Trailers
(1)White, (2) Black, (2) Silver/Black, (1) Red/Black
Special Announcement:
Touch of Class has two special slightly used 29′ Combination Trailers available. Both trailers were on loan to Touch of Class customers, as their own custom built trailers were being finished at the MTI factory. Used for just a brief time, these Red/Black and Brandy Wine/Black have Black Lynx Star aluminum wheels and a spare wheel and radial tire included. Both would normally sell new at the wholesale price of $9,065.00 but are currently on sale for a special discounted price of $8,300.00
“This by far was the easiest purchase ever. I made one phone call and within minutes had a return call from David the owner of the company. My husband bought me my new 29′ silver/black combo trailer for my birthday. This trailer is going to be a huge step up from my previous 16 footer and safe to say when we roll in at our next show event, a few heads are going to turn!!! From the super shinny diamond plated chrome to it’s sexy wheels. My team and I are ready to hit the road. Thanks again David for all your excellent customer service. I will be calling ya for my next one which will be even bigger.”
Jen and Shane H. – IA
As we enter into this Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season, we are thankful for the many blessings we have been provided with this past year.  Personally, my wife and I have been blessed with 4 new grandchildren the past 6 months and look forward to being with them and their siblings this Christmas time. Let’s remember the true meaning of these two special days and enjoy each moment with family and friends.

David Borg – President

Touch of Class Trailers














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