Touch of Class October 2013

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Delivering Value

Delivering Value 1
As I speak and communicate with our customers, there is one word….
“Value”…. that seems to rise to the top of most discussions.
“Delivering Value” with integrity and honesty is imperative in today’s marketplace.  It is  a concept I
learned and was mentored with long ago.  It is so important in fact that Touch of Class Trailers
(TOCT) uses it as both a purpose and mission statement.

“Value…. It is the driving force to create lifelong, loyal customers.  Touch of Class Trailers
Sales is committed to delivering Value with integrity and honesty, exceeding our
customers’ needs and expectations.”

How does, or what do you perceive “Value” truly means in an enclosed trailer, or for that matter in any
product?  Is it the quality of materials?  Is it attention to even the smallest details of design and workmanship in
production?  Is it the relationship and trust you build with the person you are working with in the sales process?
Does perceived “Value” reinforce and confirm you made a good decision when the intended outcome and
beneficial usefulness exceeds your expectations? Obviously it is all of the above and more.

“Delivering Value” to our TOCT customers gets me excited for the opportunities of each new day.  I receive
great joy and satisfaction “Delivering Value” when their faces light up and get excited the first time they see
their new enclosed MTI Trailer, or when I listen to an unexpected testimonial over the phone, or read a hand
written thank you note or email in appreciation how well their trailer is performing.

“Due to a slight production delay, our trailer was not going to be finished by our scheduled vacation.  David
went above and beyond expectations and delivered us a new trailer to use for our vacation, more that anyone
could have expected.  Thanks to excellent customer service, our vacation went off as planned.  Upon completion,
our new 29′ Combination trailer was delivered to us exactly as ordered and as promised.  I am very happy with
our trailer, David and Touch of Class Trailers.”
Tim S. – Iowa

Even though I had many years of sales, training and business development experience , I did extensive research
on numerous trailer companies before I began TOCT in 2010.  I am extremely happy with the quality and
attention to design within production  MTI provides all TOCT customers, and highly recommend to each of you
who have not yet experienced an MTI and TOCT enclosed trailer to strongly consider the possibility in the
near future.

MTI has just finished record sales in the first two quarters of 2013 and they are poised for continued growth in
the coming months.  Strength, stability, quality, attention to design and detail, customer friendly, great people
to work with, and poised for continued growth.

MTI and Touch of Class Trailers….Two  High  Performance  Companies  that…….


David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

Dave and Sharon Borg



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Remember their Sacrifice

We rejoice that summer is soon here, but most important this Memorial Day weekend, please honor those who have sacrificed much so that we can enjoy our Freedom. Also we remember the families and people who lost their homes and loved ones in the Oklahoma tornadoes. This summer we look forward to attending classic car shows, racing events, heading down our favorite ATV and bike trails, picnics by the lake, and plenty of other outdoor activities with family and friends.  Touch of Class Trailers provides a great opportunity for reaching these destinations by hauling your vehicles in style with a new Combination Trailer from MTI. Just look at some of these beauties:

Ristow Aluminum 31' Blue and Silver Combo and Pickup

Ristow Interior with Corvette inside - excellent

Black 29' rear view with nudo II

Touch of Class is excited to announce a new in-stock inventory feature soon to be available on the website in the coming days. We wanted our customers who need a trailer quickly and don’t have time to customize or wait the normal 4-6 weeks for the design- production timeframe to better utilize our website in making a decision for their needs.  This in-stock available inventory will also be listed on the Trailers USA website.  Overall, the revised Touch of Class website has been well received and customers love the new pictures and helpful information. We are always working on making the site more customer friendly and adding additional trailer and option pictures from our customers.

The following is a list (as of May 24th) of in-stock trailers:

25’ Combination Trailers      White

27’ Combination Trailers      White, White/Black, Black.  Soon available – Red/Black

29’ Combination Trailers     (2) White, Black, Red/Black. Soon available – Silver/Black, Brandy Wine/Black

We want to say a big thank you this Memorial Day weekend to two of our customers who recently purchased customized Combination Trailers from Touch of Class:       Army veterans Wayne Kettelhut, SD and Joaquin Cervantes, Tx.  We thank you and we honor you for your many years of active duty service to our country.

Way Kettelhut Air Assault mission 072
Wayne Kettelhut on deployment

Soldier and his Way Out - Excellent shot of trailer and all

Joaquin Cervantes and his new trailer

New and available

For those of you who do not need a front ramp door in your Combination trailer and wish to utilize maximum space for cabinets, take a look at this V-Nose Cabinet system.

Front V-Nose Cabinet system

Many of you have contacted us in the past looking for a detailed trailer quote and trailer information but it maybe just wasn’t the right timing for you to move forward and order your trailer. If this is you, and the timing is better for you now, please contact Touch of Class Trailers again by phone or email and we will help you through the process.

Thanks again and we look forward to serving you.
Enjoy your summer!!!

Dave Closeup in Leather Jacket 03-26-13-smaller
David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers



Looking Towards Spring, But Enjoying the Winter Activities!!!

As we wind down another cold winter season and look ahead towards spring, let’s keep in mind that many of our Touch of Class Trailer customers enjoy and make the most of cold weather outdoor activities.  Flying down mountain slopes in powder, spectacular  X-Games style snowmobile jumps, or traveling together in secluded wooded trails is a welcome and relaxing, if not breathtaking event, full of adventure and good times with friends and family.

Featured the next two months are a few TOCT customers who utilize their “Combo” trailers traveling near and far to reach these special destinations.


Jeff B - TN arriving at northern Wisconsin Lodge with his new 29' Silver:Black Combo

Exciting News – Revised TOCT Website goes online!!!!     
The new  (link) revised and mobile friendly Website went online February 12.  We have been working hard behind the scenes bringing forth more helpful and detailed information including a Q & A Section, some great new pictures and easier ways to contact and communicate with us, or share with your friends. (Facebook, Twitter).

Customer Jeff B. and sleds on trail - 02-11-13

MTI announces Price Increase as of February 1st, 2013. 
MTI Trailers Inc. (MTI) announced on February 1, 2013 a price increase on their Enclosed Trailer Models and selected options.  MTI has not had a price increase in almost two years.  The investment of a new Touch of Class Combination, Car Hauler, Gooseneck or 5th Wheel Trailer will go up an average of $200-250.  TOCT will provide the following list (as of Feb. 20) of in-stock trailers at the old wholesale price while the units are available (which won’t last long)
25’ Combination Trailers 
White, Red/Black

27’ Combination Trailers
White/Black, Red/Black, Brandy Wine/Black
All-Aluminum Frame Red/Black

29’ Combination Trailers
(2) White, Black, Red/Black, Silver/Black, Brandy Wine/Black

In summary, TOCT is really excited about the coming months ahead – with a revised new website, the promise of spring ahead, and the recent news that TOCT is one of the Top Five Distributors in the MTI Network.  

That just challenges us to work even harder and be at our best in providing and delivering value with integrity and honesty in everything we do.  We really enjoy each new day.  We have great customers, who enjoy telling others about TOCT and even some who love to fly, as reflected in these awesome snowmobiling pictures!!!


Why not take those first steps and pick up the phone or email TOCT today.  Let our experience help you design and fulfill your dreams with your next enclosed trailer from Touch of Class Trailers.

Thank you.

David Borg – President  

 featured trailers for email2013

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Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!   As we head into 2013 you will see some exciting and unique updates to the website with a mobile responsive site, more trailer specific information, updated pictures and easier to contact us – all helping our customers decide on the best trailer features and options that fit their needs.  Touch of Class Trailers is committed in delivering “Value” to our customers and it’s why we distinguish ourselves from the competition!!

Orange Race Car

We continue to be very pleased with the excellent design and quality production process MTI provides as reflected with these happy customer testimonials:

“MTI is a great product and we are very happy with the quality.”
      Graham W – Australia

trailer with red cabinets inside

“My wife and I picked up our Charcoal/Silver Combination trailer recently and were very impressed with the team effort we experienced. Each individual involved – from Mr. Borg to the design and production group at MTI, right up to our walk-thru, was courteous, professional, and extremely helpful. We heartily recommend Touch of Class and MTI Combination Trailers to everyone.”

      Tom and Jo S. – Iowa

“Just picked up my Black 27′ all-aluminum frame Touch of Class Trailer and it looks great!”
      Tom W- OH 

Trailer with Car and Motorcyles

The following is Inventory of Stock Trailers as of 12-30-12:

25′ Combination Trailers:          Red/Black
27′ Combination Trailers:          White, Red/Black, Brandy Wine/Black, Silver Black
All-Aluminum Frame:                 27′ Red/Black
29′ Combination Trailers:           Red/Black, White Black
Soon to complete Production:     27′ Black, White and 29′ Black, White, Brandy Wine/Black

We have some great deals as we close out 2012.  At this time, we do not know whether MTI will be having a price increase, as they have not had one in some time – so contact us today before increase may occur.  MTI recently announced the addition of a newer style Black Lynx Star Aluminum wheel as an option pictured below:

Black Lynx Star Aluminum Wheels

Covington Whos Who Logo

Touch of Class Trailers just received news that President David Borg has been named Covington’s Who’s Who in Business “Executive of the Year”.  Look for a press release coming out soon in various publications.  A great honor and humbled to receive this achievement award.

As we turn our thoughts toward home, family and the true meaning of Christmas, let us be thankful for the many blessings we have received this year. For those who continue to serve, some in areas far away from family, we pray for your safe return and thank you for your sacrifice defending our freedom.  With the events of the past weeks and an uncertain future, I found these prophetic and thoughtful words from a broadcast Winston Churchill made from the White House on his visit to FDR in December 1941, a few weeks after Pearl Harbor was attacked:

Let the children play and have their night of fun and laughter. Let the gifts of Christmas delight their play. Let us grown-ups share to the full their unstinted pleasures before we turn again to the stern task and the formidable years that lie before us, resolved that, by our sacrifice and daring, these same children shall not be robbed of their inheritance or denied their right to live in a free and decent world. And so, in God’s mercy, a Merry Christmas to you all.

Wise words from history that proved so true.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones from Touch of Class Trailers.

Dave & Sharon Borg












Thank you.

David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers


Featured Trailers






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Thanksgiving Blessings

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday this week, let our thoughts reflect upon a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness on this past year. Let us be thankful we live in a country that has peaceful elections and any transition of officials where it applies. We often see the opposite in other parts of the world.  Let us continue to honor, remember and pray for our servicemen and women who sacrifice much so that we can enjoy “Freedom.” Below is an article of a special Touch of Class Trailer Sales’ customer and army veteran of deployments to Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan – Staff Sergeant Joaquin Cervantes, who is beginning an exciting new and unique career as he exits the military.

My wife Sharon and I want to sincerely thank each and every one who has purchased a Touch of Class Trailer since we began our business a little over two years ago.

We are truly grateful; consider it an honor and privilege, and look forward to better serving you in the coming year.  Look for some exciting new developments and updates to our website in the weeks ahead. With a new calendar year soon approaching, we never know where factory pricing is heading until announced, so if you are in need or considering a new trailer, contact us today.

“Touch of Class Trailer Sales”
 is committed to providing top quality trailers at wholesale prices that exceed the expectations of our customers.  Whether hauling classic cars, snowmobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles, racing vehicles, moving personal belongings or helping your business run more efficiently,“Touch of Class” will provide that special trailer to fit your needs and budget.  We look forward to working together with you. We appreciate your business.

Thank you.

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Soldier with a “Touch of Class” Business Opportunity

We often hear and read today the alarming unemployment rate and difficulties military personnel are having finding fulfilling job opportunities once discharged from active duty.  But here is a heart-warming and exciting story with some great pictures from a“Touch of Class” military customer from Texas who already is preparing the road to success once discharged in the months ahead.

Staff Sergeant Joaquin Cervantes of Texas has honorably served with the U.S. Army for 13 years including deployments to Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Joaquin has suffered various injuries during his military career which has limited his range of motion and recently caused him to speed up plans and preparations for civilian life in the months ahead.  Sergeant Cervantes has a passion for motorcycles and exotic, classic autos, and has developed relationships with numerous auto and motorcycle transport companies and drivers.  Joaquin and his wife Katie recently formed their own company Motorcycle ResQue Team and contacted Touch of Class Trailers this past August to help fulfill his dream of designing a unique, customized 29′ all-Aluminum Frame Black/Red Two-tone Combination Trailer to effectively transport a wide range and variety of these special cars and motorcycles.



“My goal is to become the go to company for specialized and safe handling of high-end motorcycles and autos,” says Cervantes.  “In the short time since startingMotorcycle ResQue Team, we already have become the preferred choice transporter of three well known car entities and plan on building a second larger trailer when I exit the military in the coming months.”

Sergeant Cervantes had some unique and special design requirements for this all-aluminum Combination Trailer including 32 degree down axles keeping the wheel wells as low as possible for low profile cars, a unique camper-style sleeper design to save on travel expenses during long road trips, floor E-track and multiple 2′ strips of E-track on the walls and floor for adequate and safe motorcycle and car tie downs, 110Velectric package, proper interior ventilation and air conditioning, extended ramp flap-over, and Nudo flooring to name a few.  “Working with Mr. Borg and the MTI design team was great.  I was able to ask specific and tough questions during the process and was met with nothing short of experienced suggestions and answers which resulted in the best results for my business and customers.

I am very pleased with the final product. The colors were a perfect match for my truck and the trailer was done right from front to rear.  I have truly tested every facet of the trailer and pushed the limits and it has exceeded my expectations in being able to handle the heavy weight of the Bentleys and Rolls Royce vehicles as well as properly loading clearance for some of the very low, low race and exotic Ferrari, Lamborghini and Viper cars.”

“I have had several of my customers, who can afford to build multiple trailers, always ask me where did you get your trailer from, what Brand is it, and they now question why their trailers haven’t been as sophisticated as mine,” says Cervantes.  “I have received great compliments not only from my motorcycle, Race and exotic car owner customers, but also from normal folks I meet telling me how beautiful the trailer is and the fact they have never seen one done as well as this one.  As a result, my customers are happy satisfied clients, and business is growing.  I highly recommend and refer them to David at Touch of Class Trailers.”

This is tremendous news of a hard working military family who has sacrificed much yet is beginning to fulfill their dreams of owning their own business and transitioning into civilian life when honorably discharged in the next few months.  Touch of Class Trailers wishes to thank Staff Sergeant Joaquin Cervantes, his wife Katie and their 3-year old son Ian for their service to our country and the very best and continued success with Motorcycle ResQue Team .  You can reach them on their website or on Facebook at

Contact us today by clicking the links below.

Thank you.

David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

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Customer Classics: Lisa K. Alberte

Lisa K. Alberte is an award-winning rehabilitation nurse and director of nursing at Acres of Hope and Aspirations in Muskego, Wisconsin. Ms. Alberte has devoted much of her life helping people with crushing brain injuries to regain a worthwhile life. She is very supportive of our military and has worked with Veterans who have been seriously injured during their service to their country. Lisa utilizes her MTI Combination trailer as a traveling lab working with her patients, and in her spare time, enjoys snowmobiling. Lisa was recently awarded and recognized for her work in the following articles:

and a recent YouTube clip linked here:

If you have been inspired, know of someone who is struggling with a brain injury, or want to learn more about Acres Hope, please contact Lisa at She is a wonderful resource. Congratulations Lisa on your recent awards.!! Thanks for your support of Touch of Class Trailers and keep up the good work with Acres of Hope and Aspirations.

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Touch of Class Begins!

As we begin 2011, Touch of Class Trailers announces an exciting new feature and addition to our company website. “Touch of Class Weblog” will provide not only Industry news, announcements and updates, but at times will feature human interest stories and related articles about our customers. Customers like Lisa Alberte, Nurse of the Year 2008.

Touch of Class Trailers wishes to thank all of our customers for making 2010 an exciting, initial success.

We look forward to serving and working with you in 2011. Please continue to contact us by phone or email.

David Borg – President
Touch of Class is committed to delivering value, and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. 

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