January 31, 2015

I wanted to quickly touch base with you for some important announcements.  Touch of Class Trailers believes strongly in delivering “Value with Integrity and Honesty” to all of our customers and those who contact us.  It is what we live by and is a main theme throughout our website.  We are thankful as we continue to grow, and look forward to the challenges in the months ahead.
Even today we had a question from a customer who asked, “How does MTI address the issue of a steel frame coming in contact with a .030 standard aluminum side exterior wall in preventing electrolysis?” Answer:  MTI provides a vapor barrier- a thin layer which is placed between the outside aluminum skin and the steel frame from the floor up 30″ on the side walls.  This is standard on all MTI trailers. Not many manufacturers do this, but most electrolysis occurs only in that first 30″ above the floor level and MTI solves that issue by placing that material between the steel frame and aluminum wall before bonding (screwless sides) or upon being screwed together to the steel frame.
Even though Touch of Class Trailers offers a wide range of enclosed trailer models such as 7 wide utility, gooseneck, fifth wheel and car haulers, the majority of our sales focus has been, and will continue to be on the versatile Combination Trailers.
Since we began our business 4-1/2 years ago, Touch of Class Trailers has held our base trailer prices steady, even though our manufacturer and Brand, MTI has had two  price increases during that same time.  In the December Christmas blog, we mentioned a possibility of an MTI price increase during 2015. Touch of Class was aggressive the past weeks ordering a number of Combination Trailers which are either in stock at present time or are scheduled to be welded in the next few days.

******For all inventory trailers in stock until Feb. 15,, 2015, Touch of Class Trailers will be at the same price as has been the past few years.  For all new custom built trailers ordered after Feb. 15th, 2015, there will be a 5% price increase on all Combination Trailer models as well as other enclosed trailer models, as MTI has notified us of a price increase in February..

Here is a list of Combination Trailers in stock or to be welded in the next few days:
25′ Combination Models
(1)  Silver/Black, (1) Red/Black

27′ Combination Models
(3) Red/Black, (2) Silver/Black, (1) White/Black, (1) Brandy Wine/Black, (2) Black, (2) White, (1) all-aluminum frame Silver/Black

29′ Combination Models
(2)  Silver/Black, (2) Red/Black, (2) Black, (3) White, (2) White/Black,


Don’t miss out on these great wholesale prices.  If you have been waiting for the right time or looking for exceptional value, style and durability in a Combination Trailer, please contact us today to order or secure your dream trailer. Thank you.

Lavern Parker – MTI Sales, Sharon and David Borg – TOCT, Brian Johnson – President, MTI Trailers

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