Delivering Value 1
As I speak and communicate with our customers, there is one word….
“Value”…. that seems to rise to the top of most discussions.
“Delivering Value” with integrity and honesty is imperative in today’s marketplace.  It is  a concept I
learned and was mentored with long ago.  It is so important in fact that Touch of Class Trailers
(TOCT) uses it as both a purpose and mission statement.

“Value…. It is the driving force to create lifelong, loyal customers.  Touch of Class Trailers
Sales is committed to delivering Value with integrity and honesty, exceeding our
customers’ needs and expectations.”

How does, or what do you perceive “Value” truly means in an enclosed trailer, or for that matter in any
product?  Is it the quality of materials?  Is it attention to even the smallest details of design and workmanship in
production?  Is it the relationship and trust you build with the person you are working with in the sales process?
Does perceived “Value” reinforce and confirm you made a good decision when the intended outcome and
beneficial usefulness exceeds your expectations? Obviously it is all of the above and more.

“Delivering Value” to our TOCT customers gets me excited for the opportunities of each new day.  I receive
great joy and satisfaction “Delivering Value” when their faces light up and get excited the first time they see
their new enclosed MTI Trailer, or when I listen to an unexpected testimonial over the phone, or read a hand
written thank you note or email in appreciation how well their trailer is performing.

“Due to a slight production delay, our trailer was not going to be finished by our scheduled vacation.  David
went above and beyond expectations and delivered us a new trailer to use for our vacation, more that anyone
could have expected.  Thanks to excellent customer service, our vacation went off as planned.  Upon completion,
our new 29′ Combination trailer was delivered to us exactly as ordered and as promised.  I am very happy with
our trailer, David and Touch of Class Trailers.”
Tim S. – Iowa

Even though I had many years of sales, training and business development experience , I did extensive research
on numerous trailer companies before I began TOCT in 2010.  I am extremely happy with the quality and
attention to design within production  MTI provides all TOCT customers, and highly recommend to each of you
who have not yet experienced an MTI and TOCT enclosed trailer to strongly consider the possibility in the
near future.

MTI has just finished record sales in the first two quarters of 2013 and they are poised for continued growth in
the coming months.  Strength, stability, quality, attention to design and detail, customer friendly, great people
to work with, and poised for continued growth.

MTI and Touch of Class Trailers….Two  High  Performance  Companies  that…….


David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers

Dave and Sharon Borg