Fall Harvest is Upon Us
Winter ATV & Snowmobile Season Around the Corner
September 18, 2014



As the combines, Grain Carts and Semis roll thru the countryside fields this harvest season,  and the fall colors begin to deepen, we know that winter ATV and snowmobile season is not far behind.

   TOCT has had an excellent and busy summer, as we have added two new training website videos, upgraded additional pictures on the gallery,  and continue to meet new people every day.  We wanted to provide a more visual hands-on, educational training video approach regarding the Standard Combination Trailer.  And you’ve guessed it, we like upbeat, lively music showing off these beauties.

Last week, I attended the NATDA (North America Trailer Dealers    Association) annual Trade Showand Convention in St. Louis, learning more  about new trailer products and participating in some excellent educational  seminars.


Three things I wanted to briefly share with you that impressed me:

1. The importance of regular trailer maintenance and care.  Simple, common sense items you can do yourself or if you’re not comfortable doing so,  bringing your trailer to a good trailer service shop to check brakes, axles, electrical items or simply check the torque pound tightness of your wheel lug nuts.   TOCT has access to some simple trailer troubleshooting charts, so if interested, please contact us by email or phone, or check your trailer warranty paperwork enclosed in the large envelope provided.  Which brings up an important point – What is the torque pounds one should tighten the wheels on a standard 5200# axle Combination Trailer?  Answer – For steel wheels, the torque to tighten is 90 foot pounds.  For Aluminum Wheels, either Mods or Black Lynx Star, the torque is 120 foot pounds.  **Note – Per MTI warranty policy – it is the responsibility of the customer to check their wheel lugs as stated on the warning sticker on the trailer.  I can’t stress this enough, especially within the first 100-250 miles you drive your trailer, and at regular intervals thereafter while traveling on the road.  Especially aluminum wheels, which can loosen without you knowing it and you don’t want a dangerous situation to happen – so check often.

2. The trailer industry since early spring has experienced overall manufacturing growth during 2014, causing longer production completion times than normal.  Numerous manufacturing facilities and dealers have experienced this during the last half of the 2014 and now 2015 model production season.  What normally would take from 4-6 weeks production time has often become longer, especially if there are numerous customized options within. Thanks for your patience this Spring and Summer.  Advice – if planning a customized or custom-built trailer, and you wish to have it done before the snow flies, please do your research and contact TOCT today as the fall production season before Christmas historically is a busy one. 

3. Probably the most impressive new Trailer Option item I viewed at the 2014 NATDA Trade show was a motorcycle bar hitch attachment named “Biker Bar” – made by B & W Trailer Hitches that was simply fantastic in both quality and simplicity, eliminating any tie-down straps to secure your motorcycle within your trailer.  Customer testimonials have been excellent and instead of showing you a picture at this time, I would highly recommend those who have a motorcycle or a friend who has, to check out these two videos on the B & W Trailer Hitches website:  http://www.turnoverball.com/products/motorcycle/biker-bar

I asked top MTI management personnel to consider making this option available to our TOCT customers. Stay tuned in the future for this.


For current Combination Trailes inventory available or coming soon, click this link to our website Inventory page.

TOCT has been busy this summer working with MTI schematic design and management personnel to continue bringing our customers the best possible quality trailers built for Strength, Style, Durability and Safety.  TOCT has some of the best looking Combination Trailers in the marketplace and we are finalizing some improved Standard design items that will bring you even more value in the coming months.

Touch of Class Trailers (TOCT) continues to gain momentum and grow each month, fulfilling dreams that exceed your expectations.   But even more important to me as President of TOCT is the joy and excitement on the faces of Keith and Kerry McIntire’s children, Dylan and Kaylynn when their trailer arrived, knowing that the coming weekend was having fun up north on their ATV’s with mom and dad.
If you have considered upgrading your current trailer or wish to experience the joy and fun these kids had in the outdoors for your family, please contact us today by email or phone.  Thank you and God Bless.














David Borg – President
Touch of Class Trailers