We often hear and read today the alarming unemployment rate and difficulties military personnel are having finding fulfilling job opportunities once discharged from active duty.  But here is a heart-warming and exciting story with some great pictures from a“Touch of Class” military customer from Texas who already is preparing the road to success once discharged in the months ahead.

Staff Sergeant Joaquin Cervantes of Texas has honorably served with the U.S. Army for 13 years including deployments to Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Joaquin has suffered various injuries during his military career which has limited his range of motion and recently caused him to speed up plans and preparations for civilian life in the months ahead.  Sergeant Cervantes has a passion for motorcycles and exotic, classic autos, and has developed relationships with numerous auto and motorcycle transport companies and drivers.  Joaquin and his wife Katie recently formed their own company Motorcycle ResQue Team and contacted Touch of Class Trailers this past August to help fulfill his dream of designing a unique, customized 29′ all-Aluminum Frame Black/Red Two-tone Combination Trailer to effectively transport a wide range and variety of these special cars and motorcycles.



“My goal is to become the go to company for specialized and safe handling of high-end motorcycles and autos,” says Cervantes.  “In the short time since startingMotorcycle ResQue Team, we already have become the preferred choice transporter of three well known car entities and plan on building a second larger trailer when I exit the military in the coming months.”

Sergeant Cervantes had some unique and special design requirements for this all-aluminum Combination Trailer including 32 degree down axles keeping the wheel wells as low as possible for low profile cars, a unique camper-style sleeper design to save on travel expenses during long road trips, floor E-track and multiple 2′ strips of E-track on the walls and floor for adequate and safe motorcycle and car tie downs, 110Velectric package, proper interior ventilation and air conditioning, extended ramp flap-over, and Nudo flooring to name a few.  “Working with Mr. Borg and the MTI design team was great.  I was able to ask specific and tough questions during the process and was met with nothing short of experienced suggestions and answers which resulted in the best results for my business and customers.

I am very pleased with the final product. The colors were a perfect match for my truck and the trailer was done right from front to rear.  I have truly tested every facet of the trailer and pushed the limits and it has exceeded my expectations in being able to handle the heavy weight of the Bentleys and Rolls Royce vehicles as well as properly loading clearance for some of the very low, low race and exotic Ferrari, Lamborghini and Viper cars.”

“I have had several of my customers, who can afford to build multiple trailers, always ask me where did you get your trailer from, what Brand is it, and they now question why their trailers haven’t been as sophisticated as mine,” says Cervantes.  “I have received great compliments not only from my motorcycle, Race and exotic car owner customers, but also from normal folks I meet telling me how beautiful the trailer is and the fact they have never seen one done as well as this one.  As a result, my customers are happy satisfied clients, and business is growing.  I highly recommend and refer them to David at Touch of Class Trailers.”

This is tremendous news of a hard working military family who has sacrificed much yet is beginning to fulfill their dreams of owning their own business and transitioning into civilian life when honorably discharged in the next few months.  Touch of Class Trailers wishes to thank Staff Sergeant Joaquin Cervantes, his wife Katie and their 3-year old son Ian for their service to our country and the very best and continued success with Motorcycle ResQue Team .  You can reach them on their website atwww.motorcycleresqueteam.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MotorcycleResQueTeam

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David Borg – President
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