March 2020

MARCH, 2020

With the disruption of everyday life this Coronavirus has brought around the world and USA, Sharon and I pray that your family is safe, secure and healthy. We trust that God is in control and soon, our lives will be back to a more normal again. Good advice from a friend: Be Calm. Be Informed. Be Proactive. We will get thru this!!


Tremendous initial Sales response the past weeks to our second Brand - Darkhorse Cargo. The independently owned and managed Darkhorse has provided TOCT a more fantastic pricing package Delivering More Value than originally announced.  

TOCT is excited with these additional Darkhorse Standard features:                   

36" Curbside Solid RV door and 54" Solid RV Escape door, each with aluminum Snap Latch Door Hold Backs; Rear LED Back-up lights; a stronger, better quality ¾" Drymax Standard Floor; Semi-Seamless Exterior Sides with colored screws in seams only; Cobra Black Bedliner surface on Interior wheel wells, Tongue and Bumpers; a better quality Max-Air roof vent; improved Breakaway Battery, Box Switch, Connection Plug Holder and an interior spare tire carrier (these alone are $1200 in additional Value).  Darkhorse has provided the above, along with exceptional quality and workmanship for an average TOCT Wholesale Combination Trailer investment of $500 less than comparable Brand size trailers. Just an outstanding pricing package!!


Even more exciting for our Round Top Customers - TOCT is announcing the first ever Darkhorse Round Top Combination finished production, is listed on the website inventory page and available to our customers.


Upon request, TOCT will be handling a small quantity of In Stock 7 x 12', 14' and 16' Trailers, each with an 18" Front Wedge. Contact us via email, text or Facebook Marketplace messaging for specs, pricing and shipping details.


Because of the Coronavirus, both MTI and Darkhorse Factories have been ordered to close down production for 3 weeks. As of today, TOCT has the following Combination Trailers in Stock, also listed on TOCT Inventory, and available for shipment:

MTI 29' Models - All Round Top with 6" Extra Height: (1) White Mid Deck, (1) Silver/Black Mid Deck, (1) Silver/Black, (2) Red/Black

Darkhorse Cargo Models - 6" Extra Height, Flat Top: (1) 28' Silver/Black Mid Deck, (1) 24' Silver/Black, (1) 27'  Round Top Silver/Black + 6".  

Two Darkhorse Models, 24' Silver/Black and 28' Brandy Wine/Black were in production and will finish when factory opens again. 

TOCT is ordering more Combination Trailers that will be in production upon factory re-opening - so good news. TOCT contract Drivers and Dispatch personnel are available to ship the trailers above once secured to our customers during these uncertain days. 



The Trailer industry and online Marketing both have experienced a lot of changes over the last months. Volatile commodity costs and tariffs have had manufacturers scrambling with pricing, and some have gone out of business. Consolidations have shifted focus from taking care of the customer and workmanship quality to board room decisions leaving loyal employees uncertain and customers confused because of shareholder demands. 


Later this fall 2020, Touch of Class Trailers will reach its 10th anniversary - with hundreds of satisfied customers. As President, I'm excited for the future and dedicated in Delivering More Value and the best possible Premium quality Trailer hauling your vehicles or in helping your business succeed.  Please contact us by phone, email, text or messaging in planning your next dream trailer.  Be Calm. Be Informed. Be Proactive. We will get thru this!!

David Borg - President  

Phone:  763-567-3946

Email:  david@touchofclasstrailers.com 

Website:  www.touchofclasstrailers.com

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