October 2020

October, 2020

The past few months have been challenging, yet we hope you are safe, in good health, and been able to enjoy life with your family. Touch of Class (TOCT) continues to experience growth, as many customers have taken delivery of their new Darkhorse Cargo Brand Trailers in 2020 with great reviews (see Below). Because of high demand and tight post-Covid shutdown production schedules, TOCT inventories of In-Stock trailers are extremely low, as once a trailer has completed production, it has usually already been sold. Please pay special attention to the announcements below if considering a new custom or Standard In-Stock trailer in the coming weeks.  


VIDEO - filmed in July, we wanted to clarify and enhance our decision changing our Steel Brand Trailers to Darkhorse Cargo Trailers.    Please click below to watch:

Brand Update               


After much research, we're updating the video above and excited to announce we will be building our TOCT Aluminum Frame enclosed Trailers in the future with NEO Trailers of Sturgis, Michigan.  



     27' Mid Deck + 12" Extra Height                            25' Combo + 6" Extra Height

A family-owned company, NEO offers a full lineup of great looking models that fits the needs of our customers well. With production schedules, the first TOCT NEO Trailers will be available in April, 2021. More info below.  TOCT wishes to thank   MTI Trailers for the relationships we've had the past 10 years. 


  • Current RV and Trailer Industry Production:  Extremely High Demand, Raw Materials & Supply Issues, tight Production Schedules, Low Inventories and manufacturer Price Increases - is the current state of the Trailer and RV Industries. Many trailer companies have production waits as much as 3-5 months, especially aluminum frame.  TOCT In-Stock inventory of Darkhorse Steel Frame Combination Models has been low the past two months, but should improve in late November.  If you are in need of a trailer, please understand the above and contact us soon for details in planning your customized dream trailer.

TOCT is revising and enhancing our Website to reflect the recent trailer Brand changes. (2) New Mid Deck Training Videos, filmed late summer in beautiful locations are now online. 

Please click below to view:   

24' Mid Deck Flat Top

27' Mid Deck Round Top

  • Trailer Price Increases:  Darkhorse and Neo Trailers have both announced a 4-5% price increase.  TOCT will honor any trailer orders thru November 30th at current wholesale prices, which gives you a little time to make any short term decisions.  Again, please contact us soon.

  •  NEO Trailer Models:  Wanted to briefly introduce and highlight (3) NEO Aluminum frame Models, available to order now but not availabe for delivery until April, 2021.  There are some standard feature differences from Darkhorse, but excited about the design and functionality.                                     

    Mid Deck Combination (NMS), a Round Top 8.5' Model that comes in (4) sizes: 24' (20' Box + 4' V-nose), 26, 28 or 30' (26 + 4), with either tandem Dexter 3500# or 5200#  Torsion Spread Axles. Has a 73" Wide Front ramp door, one piece aluminum roof (no fiberglass V-nose Top on any model), Beavertail spring assist rear ramp door with NPX Stainless Steel Camshaft Door Latch system, the low 4.5" drive-over wheel wells and very unique two-tone exterior designs.                                                                                                           

    Standard Combination (NCBS), a Round Top 8.5' Model that comes in (4) sizes - 24' (20' Box + 4' V-nose), 26, 28 or 30' (26 + 4), with tandem 5200# Dexter Torsion Spread Axles, 57" Wide Front ramp door, one piece aluminum roof and option for 6000# axles. 


    The Unique and Different 7.5" Wide (NASX) is the Industry's only successfully designed 7.5' Wide Model.  It has a 73" Wide Front ramp door opening, and fantastic for the Side x Side, ATV and Bike enthusiasts.  Has a 5' V-Nose and comes in Tandem 19' (14' Box + 5), 21 and 23' Tandem 3500# Dexter Torsion Axle, 25,27 and 29' Tandem 3500# Spread Axles, and 30, 32 and 34' Triple 3500# Axles.  Almost looks like a freight train coming down the road. NASX is currently NEO's best seller. Please contact us for specs and NEO pricing.                                               


    You're right David, the 27' Combo tows great. Thanks again. Kurt D. - MN

    I have bought 50 trailers for my businesses the last 25 years. My recent trailer needed to be special for a new motorcycling tour company startup. I found the TOCT website and contacted David, who along with the design and production team at Darkhorse provided a final product that will make you and your company look best in class. Simply put, David offers a one on one personalized experience from the first call until your new trailer is in your hands. Thanks again.  Bill E. - Telluride, CO


    Just a note to say thanks to David at TOCT and Dennis Smith and all his crews at Darkhorse Trailers. In January, 2020, our Media Company was awarded the contract to build a Sports Television Production Trailer for the University of West Virginia. David and I had been in contact for some time discussing overall look, strength, and unique design with a false floor to safely run cable for multiple workstations. Numerous CAD drawings were finalized and approved for production - then Covid-19 hit and our deadlines dwindled to just over 2 months when the factory was able to resume trailer production. Due to the efficient work from all Darkhorse production crews, we were able to take delivery and finish installing the special broadcast equipment. From the outside, it looks like a standard 34' White Mid Deck + 12" extra height and special doors. But the inside houses $600K of broadcast electronics divided into 3 sections - Audio, Production and Engineering. We were able to deliver the finished project to U of West Virginia on time. Again a big thanks to David and Dennis for a job well done.  Don E. - Shop Manager, LTN Global Productions


    I'm excited to see the enthusiasm for our two new Trailer Brands - Darkhorse Cargo and NEO and for their great work ethic in providing excellent quality workmanship and Value to our custsomers.  We've got more exciting new announcements we will soon share for 2021.  Please be patient as we revise our website and make it easier for you to access information and updated inventory as trailers finish production.  Let's continue to pray for our country's Leadership and for all military, Police and other First Responders - and their families, who put their lives on the line each day for all Americans. TOCT is dedicated in Delivering More Value and the best possible Premium quality Trailers hauling your vehicles or in helping your business succeed.  Please contact us soon by phone, email, text or Facebook Marketing in planning your next dream trailer.  Thanks again and we look forward to working with you.

    David Borg - President  

    Phone:  763-567-3946

    Email:  david@touchofclasstrailers.com 

    Website:  www.touchofclasstrailers.com

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