Touch of Class Trailers in Cokato, Minnesota

Value...It is the driving force to create lifelong, loyal customers.

Touch of Class Trailers is committed to delivering Value… with integrity and honesty, exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.

David Borg is President of Touch of Class Trailer Sales, LLC (TOCT). Dave and his lovely wife Sharon have been married for 46 years and have 4 sons and 1 daughter and 21 grandchildren. David brings to TOCT his successful experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Consulting within the Agribusiness, Equipment, Training and Media Industries. Growing up on a Minnesota farm, David learned early that hard work, determination and a positive, winning attitude is important for success. He enjoys hunting, fishing, biking and traveling with family. TOCT distributes DARKHORSE CARGO, NEO (all-aluminum frame), H & H, and MTI trailers all across the U.S .and Canada, and we do it well!!”

Dave and Sharon

About the Manufacturers

Middlebury Trailers Inc. (MTI) was founded in 2004 and is a sister company to RC Trailers. MTI is part of a large corporate structure of numerous trailer manufacturers located within the hub of the RV and Trailer Industry near Middlebury, Indiana. MTI offers a full lineup of premium quality built steel and aluminum frame trailers. TOCT has had great success in distributing the MTI Brand of Combination and Mid-Deck Combination Trailers the past 10 years and will continue to work with them in the future.
Darkhorse Cargo Trailers (DHC) is a new, independent family-owned company founded in late 2019 and also located within the hub of the RV and Trailer industry in White Pigeon, Michigan, just Northeast of Elkhart, Indiana. TOCT is excited to add this second Brand to our Trailer line-up as DHC is providing an excellent Value and pricing package with more standard features, fantastic Quality, Workmanship, Durability and Safety TOCT demands and our customers expect.
NEO is the leading manufacturer of all-aluminum Trailers. Located just east of Darkhorse along Highway 12 in Sturgis, Michigan, NEO is also an independent family-owned company that offers a full line-up of V-Nose Trailer Models. A NEO Sports Trailer will provide TOCT customers and their family a great Value, better fuel economy, less wear on your towing vehicle and a great source of outdoor fun for all.
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