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Customer Reviews

After 2.5 years since purchase, I absolutely love my NEO NMS Model 2085 Trailer!!

Thanks David. You awesome. So glad we are doing business with a Man of Integrity.

My 25' Silver/Black Combo Trailer looks great. Thanks again!!

"I haul motorcycles across the U.S. in my 35' Red/Black Trailer with 3 rows of E-track in floor. Love it!! My 3rd Combo Trailer from TOCT."

Just wanted to say thanks for working with me on my new 29' Silver/Black Combination Trailer. I love it. I did a lot of homework before I found you and it has been a pleasure working with Touch of Class. I recommend Touch of Class Trailers to everyone. Thanks again.

I just loved my first Red/Black Two-tone Combination Trailer. Just beautiful. But had to sell it. Excited about receiving my second one when finished.

Best trailer on the market!

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