Touch of Class Trailer Sales, LLC. (TOCT) is an independent private owned distributor selling custom built enclosed trailers manufactured by NEO Mfg. (Aluminum Frame), located in Sturgis, Michigan, and MTI Trailers (both Steel and Aluminum Frame), located in Middlebury, Indiana. TOCT is located in Central Minnesota, has been in business since September, 2010 and sells these trailers throughout the U.S. and Canada with an online presence.  Touch of Class is committed to delivering Value… with Integrity and Honesty, exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.  

TOCT distributes NEO and MTI custom built enclosed trailers in all 50 States except Hawaii, and across Canada. If a customer needs to have trailer shipped to their home or business, TOCT hires the best and most trustworthy contract drivers at the current shipping rate per loaded mile, plus any tolls the driver incurs.

Touch of Class successfully worked with the MTI (Middlebury Trailers Inc.) Brand for over 13 years and had great success and hundreds of happy customers in both Steel and Aluminum Frame Combination Trailers.  

In the fall of 2020, TOCT made a decision and was accepted as a Distributor for NEO Mfg. Brand Trailers, a 2nd generation, independently-owned company, located in Sturgis, Michigan.  The company began in 1964 making 5th Wheel Hitches and Recreational Campers.  During the next years, the company was known as Owens Classic and Classic Mfg.  In 2010, the current owners began producing quality NEO aluminum frame V-nose trailers.  Currently, NEO is the leading manufacturer of aluminum frame trailers and the only manufacturer that has successfully perfected the 7.5' Wide NASX Model.     

Touch of Class is excited in providing a great line-up of both Steel and Aluminum Frame Custom-Build Combination Trailers for our customers hauling their Classic or Muscle Cars, snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Side x Sides, ATV's, or helping contractors perform at a higher level of success.  Both the NEO and MTI Brands each have their unique set of Standard features providing the opportunity to best match up your needs and budget. 

We look forward to working with you in designing your next Steel or Aluminum Frame "Dream" Trailer.         


TOCT sells both steel and all-aluminum frame enclosed trailers.             

Up until Mid 2021, approximately 90% of TOCT Trailer Sales were Steel Frame Trailers, with 10% Aluminum Frame. Since Mid 2021, when the first NEO Trailers began coming off production for TOCT, aluminum frame sales have grown to 35% of all Sales, with 65% Steel Frame.  Our customers are really excited about the great lineup of NEO models and options, especially the fastest growing 7.5 Model in the industry - the NEO NASX Model.

TOCT currently works with NEO Trailers of Sturgis, Michigan for all-Aluminum Frame Enclosed Trailers, and MTI Trailers of Middlebury, Indiana for both Steel and Aluminum Frame Enclosed Trailers.  

Please contact us either by phone, text, or email when looking for your next "Dream" trailer.             

The steel or aluminum frame TOCT Combination Trailer truly is what the name says – an enclosed trailer that can haul a combination of vehicles - Classic cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles, Side x Sides, ATV’s, racing cars, small Construction, Landscape or Lawn business vehicles, personal furniture or belongings. Whether you are getting away for the weekend, hauling your favorite vehicle, helping your business run more efficiently, or move to a new Home or location, the Combination Trailer does it all with a beautiful design, strength, safety and long lasting durability that exceeds your expectations and fits your needs and budget. 

Currently, MTI Combination or Mid Deck Combination Trailers are built both Steel and Aluminum frame, and are listed as MSCT or AMSCT Models on their website. They have both a front and rear ramp door and available from a 16' - 30' Box + 5' V-nose.  These MTI Models are also available with a Mid Deck option if customers wish to have it built this way.

NEO Combination Trailers are Aluminum Frame and listed as NCB and NCBS Models on their website.  The NCB is available with a front ramp and ranges from an 18' - 26' Box + 4' V-nose.  The NCBS is currently not available with a front ramp and available from a 20' - 26' Box + 4' V-nose.  The NEO Model NMS is considered by TOCT a Mid Deck Combination Trailer.  Built with more clearance under the trailer, it is very popular in high snow or rough road areas. 

Currently both Brands build additional Enclosed Models that fit our customer needs for business or recreational use.


The Standard Interior Height depends upon the manufacturer, and if there is a plywood, white vinyl, or no ceiling, but in most cases the Standard Interior Height is 6’ 6”. Again each trailer manufacturer has different standard features in their models, so best to check the dimensions as you receive a trailer quote from TOCT.

Normally, there is a 4' Beavertail (dovetail) at the rear of the trailer box, so the Rear Ramp Door Opening is 6’ 3” or very close to that.

In today’s market with higher cab heights on Side by Sides, ATV's and other vehicles, we recommend going with 6” or even 12" extra height so there is no problem driving your vehicle into the trailer. Costs for Extra Height will depend upon length and Brand of the Trailer. 

As an example - with 6" Extra Height, the interior ceiling height would  then be 7' 0" and the rear ramp door opening is 6' 9" 

Check your manufacturer's specs for the height of your vehicle or better yet, measure yourself from the ground to the top of the cab. If the trailer has a rear beavertail, give yourself at least an inch of clearance to be safe.  If there is no beavertail in the model, make sure you ask the rear door opening height. 

Please remember the floor near the front ramp door is flat, so the distance from the floor to the front ramp door header is not as high as it is in the rear of the trailer. 


The Standard distance between the Interior Wheel Wells on an 8.5-Wide Trailer is 82”              This is adequate for most cars and pickups.

On a 7.5-Wide Model, the distance between the wheel wells is 81"

Of course on a 7-Wide Model, there is no wheel well on the inside.

The Height of a Standard Wheel well on an 8.5-Wide trailer is 11.5”   The Width is normally about 6-7" 

On a 7.5-Wide Trailer, the wheel well height is about the same as an 8.5-Wide, but the width is only about 1/2" or so.


With over 13 years of Sales Statistics,

51% of all TOCT Sales are Models with a 24' Box and V-Nose.

24% are Models with a 22' Box + V-Nose.

13% are Models with a 20' Box + V-Nose.

75% of all TOCT Sales have been a 24' or a 22' Box + V-Nose.

88% of all TOCT Sales have been a 20, 22, or 24' Box + V-nose 

It really depends upon the vehicles within the trailer you wish to haul, and the size of your truck.                

A Mid-Deck Combination Trailer has the same Standard Specs and features of a Combination Trailer except in production language, we classify the axles as 32 degree down start axles with hypo Brackets. In simple terms, this raises up the floor of the trailer so you have more ground clearance under the trailer and interior wheel wells are only about 4.5 - 5” high. Hypo brackets - means we round off the corners of the wheel wells so that you can actually drive a snowmobile or ATV on top of the wheel wells, like little ramp-overs.

In February, 2021, 50% of all TOCT Sales the previous 24 months had been Mid Deck Combination Trailers. They have become very popular.  If wish to build a Steel Frame Mid Deck Combination Trailer - TOCT will build with MTI Trailers. If wish to go with an all-aluminum Frame Mid Deck, TOCT will build with NEO Trailers - Model NMS.  Excellent quality and workmanship on both Brands.                

We are asked this question all the time. The answer is yes, depending upon the trailer Manufacturer, Model, and/or the available options they offer.

There are actually a few different ways:

1. We can utilize 22.5 degree down start axles. This provides a reduction of the wheel well height by 2 inches. Not much but it may make a difference. 

2. We can utilize a 32 degree down start axles. This provides a 3” reduction of the wheel well height (between 8-9”) and the shape of it is still rectangular. 

3. If your car is really a low profile car and you want to use the escape door, we recommend the MTI Brand Mid-Deck Option with 32 degree down start axles and hypo brackets. This reduces your wheel well height to about 4.5 - 5".  This does provide for a steeper entry angle into the trailer.  We would then recommend using a 3' or 4' Aluminum Extended Flap-over option with large Bumpers on the rear ramp door to eliminate entrance angle issues with your car.

4. The NEO NMS Model is considered by Touch of Class to a Mid Deck Model.  But NEO does not provide for a lower Escape Door than what they use on their NCBS or NACX Models. 

5. NEO does provide a Full Escape Door that is 70" High x 88" Wide on their NCBS or NACX Models. This option includes a removable roadside fender so you can easily step out of your car - whether lower profile or not.  NEO has a good Webside video of this option if interested.   

5. Another economical way many of my customers utilize is to put some 2 x 8" or 10" boards within the trailer to drive your car onto. If these do not work, can always use a winch option within the trailer.                 

If looking at an 8.5-Wide Trailer traveling to high snow areas, on rough country roads, want more ground clearance under the trailer, or simply want lower interior wheel well height, the Mid-Deck Combination Trailer is a great option for you.

With Steel Frame or All-aluminum Frame, TOCT will customize and build with the MTI Mid-Deck Combination Trailer models from 16' - 30' Box + V-nose.

Or consider the all-aluminum Frame NEO Model NMS built standard at 7'2" interior height with rear Beavertail and a Sports Tie Down system that is becoming very popular with our customers. Built in 20, 22, 24 or 26' Box + 4' V-nose sizes.

If concerned with the increased angle of entering your Mid-deck trailer, highly recommend utilizing the 3 or 4 foot extended aluminum flap-over option that includes large bumpers on the back of the ramp door helping to decrease your angle entry.                

TOCT updated over 13 years of Sales Statistics in September, 2023:

24% of all TOCT Sales are Silver/Black Two-tone Colors.

19% of all TOCT Sales are Solid White in Color.

17% of all TOCT Sales are Red/Black Two-tone Colors.

11% of all TOCT Sales are Solid Black in Color.

6%   of all TOCT Sales are Brandy Wine/Black Two-tone Colors.

6%   of all TOCT Sales are White/Black Two-tone Colors.

9%   of all TOCT Sales are Solid Charcoal, Silver, Pewter or Two-tone with other colors.

With any TOCT Trailer Quote, we provide the approximate trailer "Dry" or "Empty" Weight, meaning the weight of the trailer when empty.

It is very important you calculate the weight of your vehicles and/or supplies you will be hauling within your trailer - to make sure you don't over-load the trailer axles rating.  If you find that vehicles weight will be close to the axles rating, best to go with heavier axles, if available, so you don't damage the axles.                

NEO and MTI provide a Limited 3-year overall warranty on the trailer from the date of purchase.          

The answer to the first questions is YES!!  We have a few In-Stock Trailers listed on our Website Inventory page. This constantly changes, so check often for what we have available or Coming Soon. 

For our first 10 years in business, TOCT was able to have an adequate supply of In-Stock 27' and 29' Standard and 6" Extra Height Solid and Two-tone Colors Combination Trailers.  With TOCT's online and U.S. Marketing strategy, and limited space with our Cokato, MN lot, we had a great working relationship with the factories and our contract drivers with In-Stock trailers, as we never knew if the trailer would be shipped east, west, south or to Canada.  Once an In-Stock trailer was sold, it was delivered to the customer's location and  another one was ordered and scheduled for production. 

But within the last two years, because of Trailer Supply issues, rising factory surcharges and insurance Liability issues, the devastating DarkHorse fire in February, 2021 and higher fuel prices for shipping, TOCT was forced to change our strategy somewhat, as we now don't carry as many In-Stock trailers as before. We now build more customized trailers with numerous possible options our customers select to build their "dream" trailer.  With more Side x Sides (and some with tracks), we are seeing more smaller 7.5-Wide trailers built (as well as the 8.5-Wides) with 6 and 12" Extra Height. 

My wife and I recently moved to a lake home in August of 2022 in Central Minnesota near Baxter-Brainerd area.  TOCT is looking for a new location for our In-Stock Minnesota trailers.


Once a trailer order is secured with a Visa or MasterCard deposit, the order is sent to the factory and put into their production system. Production specs are produced along with Schematic CAD drawings. TOCT then receives an email on each trailer order and we check it over making sure there are no mistakes. If all is correct, TOCT then emails each customer the production specs per trailer category and the CAD drawings for approval. If a customer wishes to add further options, or wishes to slightly change or move something, this is the time to do so. Nothing goes to production scheduling without customer approval. This eliminates any surprises and is a good check and balance system. Once the trailer has been approved, factory management places the trailer into an online production schedule and provides TOCT when it will begin welding. Once started, it normally takes a week - 10 business days to finish online production.                 

Since TOCT is now working with both DarkHorse Cargo and MTI Brands, during busy production schedules the above process can extend. If there are numerous customized options to be completed like 110V LED Electric packages, Rubber Dot Flooring, intensive cabinet packages, awnings or other items, it could take from 1-4 additional weeks to complete. Please ask TOCT when considering a customized trailer how long it will take to finish production to meet your deadlines. Thank you.                     

A. Aluminum wheels upgrade

B. Spare wheel & radial tire and Interior Spare Tire Carrier

C. E-Track

D. Flooring options

E. 110V LED Electric 30 or 50 amp Package

F. Electric Jack, and 12V Battery, Box & wiring all 12V together

G. Awning with Weatherguard                

For MTI Brand: 

A. Black Star Aluminum Wheels

B. Mods Aluminum Wheels

6-Bolt for 5200# Axles, 8-Bolt for 6000 and 7000# axles 

For DarkHorse Cargo Brand:

A. Liger Star Aluminum Wheels               

E-Track is an economical and easy way to properly tie-down multiple items within your trailer, either on the floor or to the walls. 

There are two types of E-track - either recessed and welded to the frame or surface mounted E-track.  Recessed E-track is much stronger and constructed during online production so that it is flush with the floor or walls.  Surface mounted E-track is an after-market product and must be properly fastened on top of the surface, so it is not flush with floor or walls.

Both DarkHorse Cargo and MTI has an attractive E-Track style that is recessed and welded to the frame during online production.                

The standard floor in an MTI Trailer used to be called Advantech. It is now called Engineered Flooring. It is ¾” thick, layered and waterproof. 

The standard floor of a DarkHorse Cargo Trailer is 3/4" thick Plywood. Treated plywood is available with both companies.

The three most common flooring options are quite different. Rubber Dot Black Flooring is probably the best overall flooring. Black Rubber Dot pattern is strong, one piece, non-slippery and installed after online production has been completed. Easy to clean.

Black Nudo Flooring – little more economical than Rubber Dot. Black Nudo has a small raised pattern and a black underside layer that protects the bottom of trailer floor from the elements below. Installed during online production. Non-slippery and easy to clean.

Black & White Checkered or Marble Flooring – Linoleum product. Want that racing look? Black and White Checkered flooring has a great look. Can be slippery when cold and may show oil stains.                 

Yes, this option is available depending upon the Brand.

NEO Trailers provides seamless sides in all their aluminum Frame Models as a Standard feature.

MTI Trailers just announced in February, 2023 that all their 8.5-Wide Models are now available as a Standard feature as Seamless if requested.

MTI 7.5-Wide and 7-Wide are screwed Models in the seams with Seamless being an option.

Currently - Darkhorse provides their DHW 2500 Series Models with Semi-Seamless Sides. This means the only screws are colored screws in the seams only.  

If you want that smooth seamless look, especially if you desire detailed graphics for your business, we highly recommend also going with Seamless sides and if available - a .040 aluminum thickness upgrade, as it is stronger, makes for a better bonding process during online production, and will make your trailer look beautiful. ****Please Note – colors available for a .040 aluminum thickness upgrade have been very limited since supply shortages and not every manufacturer offers the .040 since these shortages occurred. 

Please ask TOCT if Seamless sides are available when contacting us.         

Yes, TOCT does sell more than just Combination Trailers.

We sell additional Aluminum Frame and Steel Frame Enclosed Trailer Models in all three Brands - Darkhorse, NEO and MTI Trailers we market.

Normally 8.5-Wide, 7.5-Wide and 7-Wide Enclosed Trailer Models.

Request a trailer quote from TOCT via phone, text or email with your trailer needs and request a quote

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